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What to do when selling?

 Regardless of the market, keep in mind that people are looking for value.  If you went to the grocery store and wanted to buy a box of cereal or a can of vegetables, would you buy the ripped, crushed box or the banged up, rusted can? No! you'd push that aside and reach for the clean box or can.

The same is true for your house - make it shine! inside and out. 

Quick tips:

Once you've done all that - price it right! Try front of store pricing. When Macy's has a deal, they make sure you see it and guess what -  the items that are priced right SELL!  In today's competitive market, buyer's will see the deals.  They don't want fixer upper projects and if they can go buy the same size/layout/subdivision type for $5,000 less, they will - wouldn't you?

Ask me - I'll help you stage your house and price it right!