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Are you interested in Gardening? Carla is!  But don't think that people routinely stop in bus loads to see our garden.  Carla has been learning about gardening for years.  As a matter of fact, she was a "card carrying" Florida Master Gardener when she lived there and she is a "card carrying" Georgia Master Gardener now (after 50 hours of training and lots of volunteer time) - and it has helped.  Our garden is improving! 
So, if you need help, don't hesitate to call her, if she doesn't know the answerr, she'll get one of her Master Gardener Buddies to consult...  Did you know that the Henry County Extension Office can help you with a variety of issues???  The (Master Gardeners) work closely with the Extension Office, so if you call her and neither she nor her Master Gardener friends can help, she may refer you to our agent, Frank Hancock.
Master Gardeners do offer some public events from time-to-time.  Check back often to see what the Henry County Extension Office and the Master Gardeners are offering.
In June, we will have a garden tour of 5 fantastic gardens.  Price for the tour will be $10, children 12 and under may attend for free.  Stay tuned for more Garden Tour Details.