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Trendgraphix Charts

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I can generate these charts to give you whatever information you are looking for.

A picture is woth a thousand words and so below are three graphs showing a snapshot of monthly statistics for Henry, Clayton and Fayette Counties.  It's important to note how few homes are selling monthly.  In Fayette and Henry Counties, the percentage is hovering at between 20 and 25%.  This is up from 10 % about a year ago, but is astounding nevertheless. 

So, when you put your home on the market, you need to figure out how to be in that 20%.  There are a number of factors that will determine the speed at which your home will sell including condition, location, ease of showing, marketing and many other factors.  Price can be used to compensate for many adverse factors, but nothing will compensate for a bad price. Improper pricing causes homes to remain on the market for excessive periods, resulting in lower final sales price. 

There are a series of companion charts to those shown below which will highlight sales price to list price ratio, average dollars per square foot, months of inventory, etc. and these charts can be customized by zip code, price point, city, etc.  Contact us today to generate a chart with the data you would like to see.